Defibrillators can make the difference between a life lost and a life saved. They are estimated to save around 40,000 lives a year and with them being placed in schools, shops, offices, sports clubs and many other public areas throughout the UK, thankfully the more and more lives are being saved.

At Risk Assessment Products, we have a variety of defibrillators to cater for your needs, regardless of whether you are a medical professional or business owner, our variety of defibrillators will suit your requirements. Offering everything from automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) to accessories and cases, we have you covered.

Defibrillators work by shocking the heart by delivering an electric current so that it stops the heart beating in order to find it’s natural rhythm again. With defibrillators using clever technology to determine whether or not to deliver a shock, you can never shock a victim if they don’t need it.

Stocking only the best the industry has to offer, at Risk Assessment Products, we provide you with market leading, premium brands such as Phillips, CU Medical, Cardiac Science, Zoll and many more meaning you know that you will always buy a defibrillator you can trust with us.

Designed for easy use, so that anyone can deliver emergency care, all of our defibrillators are very straightforward and offer clear guidance so that care can be administered in a fast, effective and timely matter no matter who is nearby.

As a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) happens so quickly, having a defibrillator to hand can save precious seconds and with our defibrillators working very quickly to determine whether a shock is needed, they have turned the rate of mortality around with most defibrillations having an initial successful shock rate at an impressive 90%.

In order to be easily accessible, many of the defibrillators we stock are designed to be placed in a range of public areas and be portable, lightweight, robust and compact so that they can be transported easily if needs be.

We have a range of AEDs to choose from including the Defibtech Lifeline AED, which is proven to be the easiest AED to use available on the market. As well as the Physio-Control AED Lifepak, this device is trusted by medical professionals with our range also including defibrillators that are specially designed for use in schools and offices.

With the first ever portable defibrillator recorded to be in use in 1959, pioneering research has been conducted to ensure defibrillators only improve in terms of effectiveness and ease of use and is now one of the most important medical tools taken in ambulances and seen in public areas throughout the UK.

When a victim is suffering from a SCA, it is of utmost importance to ensure defibrillation is delivered as soon as possible. Although no training is needed to use an AED, we also offer a range of AED training equipment to help provide users with the confidence to act quickly and effectively in an emergency.

Our other products including AED cabinets, cases, backpacks, defibrillators pads, preparation kits, poster and signs.