Philips Heartstart FRx smart II electrode pads

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The Philips heartstart ii electrode pads are suitable for use with the Phillips FRx defibrillator. When an emergency strikes and someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a defibrillator must be used in order for someone to have an increased chance of survival. A defibrillator however, is of no use unless the electrode pads are in date which is why it is always a good idea to ensure you have a back up.

Knowing when the electrode pads for your defibrillator may run out of date means that you can purchase additional electrode pads so that you are never in a position where you cannot use your defibrillator. With this, the Phillips FRX smart electrode pads - which are also suitable for use on children have an impressive shelf life of two years and are a great option when deciding which electrode pads to opt for.

Provided in a plastic case which fits into the FRx semi-rigid carry case, these electrode are designed for single use and can be disposed of once used. If you are unsure about when your electrode pads run out of date, it is a good idea to set a reminder every couple of months so that you never miss their expiry date.

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