CPR Training Manikins

CPR Training Manikins

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), is an important medical skill that helps save lives, meaning the more people that are trained, the better. In order to provide state of the art, realistic tuition, trainers utilise CPR manikins that provide instant feedback.

Being realistic to the eye and touch our CPR training manikins provide the trainee with the ability to perform both rescue breaths and chest compressions correctly. Which in turn allows participants to successfully administer essential CPR.

As cardiac arrest can affect anyone at any time, we have a range of manikins that help CPR be mastered for a range of ages. These include adult, child, infant CPR manikins and family packs.

With Brayden, Prestan, Laerdal and Ambu models all available, we have models to suit all of your needs.

The award-winning manikin brand, Brayden, includes a piece of CPR training apparatus like no other. Their Red LED range uses a light system that provides instant, real-time feedback of CPR performance & function. This allows the trainees to learn how to confidently and correctly apply chest compressions and rescue breaths.

To ensure that your training manikins are kept in the best possible condition and are easily portable no matter their shape or size, we also supply a range manikin carry bag. Our other accessories include DVD's, lung bags, wipes, clickers and much more.

We also have a range of Simulaid choking manikins that help teach the proper procedure of abdominal thrusts or back blows. They also provide the knowledge of where to place hands and decide how much pressure is required in order to accomplish manoeuvers.

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