AED Trainers

AED Trainers

Modern AEDs have been designed to be used by those who have little or no medical training, but to ensure a person is confident when using one in an emergency, AED trainers can be utilised. Used as part of first aid training, these simulators make the user aware of the steps to follow in order to help save a sufferer’s life.​

Here at Risk Assessment Products our collection of professional AED trainers includes leading industry brands such as CU Medical, Zoll, Philips, Cardia Science and Defibtech. Each of these training devices is designed to mimic the appearance and actual operations of defibrillators.​

As well as supplying a range of popular brands, we also advertise all of our discounted prices online, so that you can find the perfect piece of training apparatus that suits your needs. ​

If you have any questions regarding our AED trainers then please send our team an email at​