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In a workplace or business, a cabinet isn't just part of the furniture, it is a piece of equipment that is necessary and used to help safely store important or dangerous equipment or substances. Without them, important supplies could get damaged or cause a dangerous obstruction, but with a cabinet from Risk Assessment Products, these problems can be avoided.

Our collection of cabinets includes first aid cabinets, dangerous substance cabinets, coshh cabinets and personal protective equipment cabinets. As well as having a product to fit all of your needs, they are also all guaranteed to be durable and keep all of your equipment safe and secure.​

Each different type of cabinet has been specially designed to suit its purpose and protect the equipment inside it. This includes supplying you with the correct labelling for the cabinet which clearly shows what it is intended to store. ​

This is in accordance with guidelines and regulations that state that before these cabinets are placed into operational use, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that: the safety signage to be displayed on this cabinet is appropriate to the hazards associated with those chemicals or products to be stored within.​

If you have any questions regarding our cabinets or any of our products, then please email a member of our team at