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CU Medical I-Pad SP1 Battery

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Product Features:

  • High capacity battery
  • Can offer a minimum of 200 shocks
  • 150J
  • Suitable for use with the CU Medical I-PAD SP1 AED
  • Disposable battery.
  • Standby life 5 years.

Experience Unparalleled Peace of Mind with Our High Capacity AED Battery!

When it comes to sudden cardiac arrests, every second counts. That's why our CU Medical I-PAD SP1 AED is equipped with a high capacity battery that ensures it can deliver a minimum of 200 shocks with a powerful 150J energy impact.

But what happens when the battery dies? Your defibrillator becomes useless, leaving lives hanging in the balance. That's where our disposable CU Medical I-PAD SP1 battery comes in. It serves as a reliable backup, ready to be used whenever an emergency arises.

Not only does this battery provide peace of mind, but it also boasts a standby shelf life of 5 years, ensuring that you're always prepared for the unexpected.

With two battery options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide. However, our high capacity battery, with its lithium manganese dioxide technology, stands out as the ideal choice. Its impressive shock delivery capability and extended lifespan make it the perfect companion for your AED.

Don't compromise on lifesaving care. Trust our CU Medical I-PAD SP1 high capacity battery to deliver when it matters most.

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