CU Medical I-Pad SP1 Battery

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The CU Medical I-PAD SP1 AED saves lives when someone suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Scanning the hearts electrical rhythm and delivering a shock if one is needed, AED’s can make the difference between life and death. If the battery for your AED dies however, your defibrillator will not be able to work and deliver life saving care - this is why having the CU Medical I-PAD SP1 battery available as a back up not only provides peace of mind but can always be ready to be used whenever an emergency occurs.

This disposable battery is a great option to provide a back up for your AED. Although most defibrillators have an impressive battery life span, you may not actually need to use your AED for a number of years meaning it can be hard knowing what battery you actually have left on your defibrillator.

With two types of batteries available for the CU Medical AED, it can be difficult knowing which one is your best option - you can opt for a standard battery or a high capacity battery. This CU Medical battery is the high capacity option with a lithium manganese dioxide capacity meaning it has the ability to deliver a minimum of 200 shocks (150J) and has a standby shelf life of 5 years.

Knowing that you have got an AED battery that is designed to last, can deliver an impressive number of shocks and is backed by 150J provides unprecedented peace of mind in an emergency that you can’t afford to pass on.

Key Features:

  • High capacity battery
  • Can offer a minimum of 200 shocks
  • 150J
  • Suitable for use with the CU Medical I-PAD SP1 AED
  • Disposable battery.
  • Standby life 5 years.
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