Prestan Manikins

Prestan Manikins


If you are looking for CPR Manikins that are unlike any other on the market and designed with both the trainers and trainees in mind, then you need to choose Prestan Manikins. These state of the art training aids allow users to quickly learn how to correctly administer CPR correctly, whilst trainers can provide instant feedback.​

​Prestan has made teaching easier for trainers, as their range is available individually or in convenient multi-packs for group purposes, they are also uniquely designed to accommodate effortless classroom set up and are provided with their own carry case to make transportation easy.​

​A revolutionary CPR Rate Monitor with a 'depth' clicker allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate and depth of chest compression. This allows students to gauge their rate and depth of compressions by themselves, which also allows the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily whilst the quality of training isn’t compromised.​

​Realistic to the eye and the touch, Prestan has created manikins that allow trainees to have as much as a realistic experience as possible. Which in turn allows them to apply CPR confidently when confronted with a real-life situation.​

​If you have any questions regarding our Prestan Manikins, then please send our team an email at