Portable Therapy Couches

Portable Therapy Couches

When space is limited or you are running a mobile service that requires a couch, then you need a portable therapy couch from Risk Assessment Products. With popular brands available such as Affinity and Relequip, you can rely on us to supply a portable couch that meets all of your needs and requirements.​
To ensure that our portable therapy couches are suitable for all purposes, they have been designed with comfort and quality construction in mind. Being portable, lightweight and fast and easy to assemble makes them perfect for those on the go, whilst remaining comfortable for those receiving the treatment thanks to luxurious padding.​
Strength and stability are also important for those requiring therapy couches, especially when they are portable, and our couches are manufactured to for just that. With manoeuvrable sections, height adjusters and face cradles, it doesn’t matter if you are a masseuse or physiotherapist, our portable therapy couches are the perfect addition to your business.​
If you have any questions regarding portable therapy couches, then please send our team an email at sales@risk-assessment-products.co.uk.​

  • Deluxe portable therapy treatment couch

    Risk Assessment Products

    Deluxe Portable Treatment Couch

    MSRP: £439.00
    With a very strong aluminium frame and 4 cable suspension system, this high quality deluxe portable couch can be set up in 10 seconds! Features include adjustable height leg system, a ten position adjustable angle backrest, breathing hole and plug and a...
  • Affinity Wooden Therapy Couch


    Affinity Wooden Therapy Couch

    MSRP: £249.00
    The Affinity Wooden Therapy Couch is one of our most popular and best value massage couches. It is fast to set up and is of stable and strong construction. Attention to detail and quality construction and comfort have played an integral part in the...
  • Portable Couch Portable Couch head rest


    Portable Couch

    MSRP: £389.00
    Features: Adjustable heights. Complete with carry case. Black and powder-coated metal frame. Easy to clean. Couch weight: 18.5kg. Maximum load: up to 159kg. Innovation and truly practical design, combine in this portable therapy couch. Whether for...
  • Affinity Comfortflex Therapy Couch Affinity Comfortflex Therapy Couch


    Affinity Comfortflex Therapy Couch

    Aimed at the professional holistic and spa market, the Affinity Comfortflex has the versatility to be used for nearly every therapy treatment.  The luxurious padding, comfort and style give the impression and feel of a spa bed whilst retaining the...