Defibtech Lifeline 7-years Battery

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The Defibtech AEDs work solely by battery. Always having a fully charged battery for your defibrillator as a back-up means that you will can be prepared no matter what eventuality. With defibrillators being a great life saving device, if someone suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest, it is important to make sure you are always prepared.
With a replaceable 9-volt battery, this defibtech lifeline battery can power the defibrillator so that it can still conduct regular electronic self-tests so that the pack is always available for emergency use. This ‘high-use’ power pack can offer a very impressive seven years of standby life so that you know that if someone suddenly falls ill, you can rely on your AED to work.
Knowing that you always have a fully charged battery spare means that when you need it most, you can help deliver lifesaving care to someone who is gravely ill. As defibrillators work by shocking the heart to restore it to its natural rhythm, a lack of battery would mean the Defib AED would not be able to work. A seven-year shelf life means that wherever the defibrillator is located, be it at schools, offices, shops or sports facilities, it can always be used.

  • Seven-year shelf life
  • Suitable for the Defibtech Lifeline
  • 9-volt battery
  • Life 7 years.
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