Welding Protection Materials

Welding Protection Materials

Our range of welding protection materials protect workers who operate in a range of environments. Whether you work in the industrial sector and need heavy duty protection of up to 1,000 Degrees Celsius or, your working environment includes being in close proximity daily with oils and liquid acids and need medium splatter protection, we have the ideal welding protection material for you.

Accidents in the work place are unfortunately something that cannot conclusively be avoided and sometimes situations occur when health and safety is compromised but, this doesn’t need to be the case with our welding protection equipment. Vastly reducing the risk of injury in the work place, our wide range of welding protection products come in a range of sizes and coatings making them suitable for any environment.

All constructed using only the highest quality materials, our welding drapes, whether they are covered in glass fibre or neoprene mean that you will always have peace of mind in the workplace knowing you have the appropriate and effective welding protection material to hand.

From medium duty to heavy duty welding drapes, we supply protection materials that best suit the environment that you work in. Take a look at our full range to see our variety of products available to ensure you find the perfect solution for you.