AED Weekly Inspection Record

Having an AED is a great way to ensure you have the best safety procedure in place should anybody suffer a sudden cardiac arrest or other cardiac episode. With survival rates as high as 90% (if used within the first minute of use), defibrillators are truly life saving tools and are essential to rely on should an emergency occur.

If somebody does require an AED in your vicinity, it is of course reassuring knowing that you can quickly grab your defibrillator. Not carrying out regular checks however, could mean there have been missed opportunities when it comes to ensuring everything is working and in order. Although most AEDs carry out weekly self checks, it is still important to take a look once a week.

Taking a look at things such as the overall condition, it’s location (is it easily accessible?), the battery and spare electrode pads means that should the worst occur, you are always as confident as you can be if you need to use your defibrillator.

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