Fire Alarm Systems Equipment

Fire Alarm Systems Equipment

Fire Alarm Systems Equipment

When it comes to life-saving fire protocol, detection is highly important. As the sooner a blaze is spotted, the sooner it can be put out or the emergency services called. To ensure buildings are as safe as possible, we have an extensive range of fire alarm systems.

To help provide you with all of the reliable fire alarm equipment that you will ever need, within our collection, you will find many of the bestselling UK brands and models, including Savex, Howler, Kidde, Megalarm and Flashni.

For fire detection, we have a number of trusted products that are perfect for the job. This includes both heat detectors, that are perfectly placed in kitchens, boiler rooms, garages, and smoke detectors, which ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely.

To ensure that everyone in the vicinity of a possible fire is notified as quickly as possible to evacuate a building, we have a range of fire alarms available. Our alert points allow alarms to be set off by a member of the public who has spotted a blaze, whereas our beacons, fire bells and sounders use a load and unique noise as an alert to any danger.

To cater to all of your fire system needs, we stock a range of accessories which include megaphones, control panels and detector testers.

We also supply fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire blankets, fire training equipment and a collection of fire safety DVDs. All of which, you can find on our website.

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