Heartsine Samaritan Pad Pak

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The Heartsine Samaritan Pad Pak is a clever piece of equipment that combines an AED battery and electrode pads into one single-use cartridge known as the Pad Pak. This clever approach makes for a more compact item, taking up less space whilst also giving peace of mind as there is only one item to replace when it expires, not two.
Suitable for children over the age of eight and to adults over 25kg in weight, the Heartsine Pad Pak works with Samaritan 350P, 360P and 500P defibrillators. Providing patient monitoring, this Pad Pak has an industry first four-year life span whilst providing sixty shocks or six hours of continuous monitoring. So that you know how much battery is left, when the Pad Pak is down to its last ten shocks the Samaritan Pad Pak also gives an audio prompt.
Having a single cartridge when it comes to defibrillator batteries and electrode pads means that you can always be prepared no matter what. Having a single item to store means there is less confusion and hassle when in an emergency and the Pad Pak is needed.

  • 4-year shelf life
  • Suitable for children over the age of 8 or adults weighing more than 25kg
  • Only one unit to monitor
  • Suitable for the Samaritan 350P, 360P and 500P defibrillators
  • Audio prompt when it is down to its last ten shocks.
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