Fire Training Simulators

Fire Training Simulators

Whether a fire strikes in a domestic or commercial environment, they can be unpredictable, which is why you are always best to be prepared for any situation. This can include planning out an escape route, becoming familiar with the whereabouts of specialist equipment and learning how to use it.
Although fire safety DVD’s can be a great way to learn the do and don’ts when faced with a blaze, practical learning can be a helpful way to learn and is more likely to be remembered. To help provide this kind of training, here at Risk Assessment Products we have a range of fire training simulators.​​

These simulators are used to create a real life, controllable and contained fire that helps teach fire wardens, employees or the public the correct way to utilise a fire extinguisher. Doing so in a safe environment helps build the trainees confidence so that they are able to utilise the equipment correctly and help save lives.​​

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