Secure Tool Storage

Secure Tool Storage

Built with resistance in mind and using a strong construction, our range of secure tool storage equipment helps to your goods stored safely. Designed to keep hazardous goods in a safe and secure holding, our range of storage solutions come in many sizes making it ideal for large or small subjects.

Storing hazardous objects can of course be a health and safety risk which is why it is so important to opt for the right storage that will keep you safe. With built in ventilation to prevent the build-up of fumes and with the flame arrester gauze fitted, rest assured these secure tool storage solutions are as safe as can be.

With the FlamBank being specifically manufactured with a 30 minute fire resistance, you can store your flammable liquid and chemicals as well as tools, safe in the knowledge that they are secure in a FlamBank for a significant period of time.

Not only designed to be flammable and robust, all of our secure tool storage units also have more than adequate locking systems such as 5-lever deadlocks for additional safety. Whether you are looking for a stackable drawer unit and site desk or van box and locker bank, we have a range of robust, long-lasting and safe tool storage solutions to help keep your equipment safe.