Scales & Measures

Scales & Measures

If you are a medical professional or work within the health and fitness industry, then taking and recording a person’s weight may be a daily task. Which is why you will only want to purchase scales that are accurate, precise and durable. Here at Risk Assessment Products, we have a collection of scales that do just this and are perfect for the job.

Being the high-quality and created with professionals in mind, our weighing scales have been designed by the leading brand Seca to make your life as easy as possible. This allows you to be able to choose quality scales at competitive prices from a company you can trust when you choose Risk Assessment Products.

As well as a full range of flat scales and ones with fitted columns which are perfect for standard use, we also supply a collection of specialist scales which includes baby scales, toddler scales and wheelchair scales.

If you have any questions regarding our scales, then please send our team an email at