Prestan AED English-Spanish Trainer - Single

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  •  Prestan AED English-Spanish Trainer - Single
  •  Prestan AED English-Spanish Trainer - Single
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The Prestan AED Trainer comes with both English and Spanish Languages and provides quality, durability and affordability  with easy to switch pre-configured scenarios.

Quick Overview:

  • Clear voice prompts
  • CPR prompts assist with the chest compressions
  • Easy to replace module containing current CPR guidelines and two languages
  • Pad sensing system - detects when pads are applied simulating real-life use of AED
  • Buttons to pause simulation and change scenarios
  • Three volume settings - loud, medium, soft.

In combination with the Prestan resuscitation manikins you will have the best training conditions. The training electrodes are similar in size with the manikin.

Extra information :

  • auditory control over the right depth of chest compression;
  • visually the possibility to check the correct position and the right rhythm of chest compressions;
  • the metronome of the AED trainer gives auditory support in the rhythm indication of chest compressions

What is included with your order

  • Prestan AED Trainer
  • One set of adult training pads.
  • Batteries for the unit.
  • Instructions for use
  • Carry case
  • One year manufacturer warranty.
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Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
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