Practi-Baby CPR Manikin with carry bag

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  • Weight and size are realistic - Our manikin weighs and measures like a real infant for more effective practice sessions.
  • Exclusive breathing system - With its realistic nose function, head tilt to allow correct head placement when opening the airway, and head movements for more realistic airway simulations.
  • Stable placement - You can lay it down on its back with enhanced stability and it even sits up!
  • Cleaner infection control - Manikin's exhaled air is discharged in the back of the head for better infection control.
  • Spares available - Includes 4 x lungs and 2 x airway valves and manual. The perfect addition to your Practi-Man family.

The Practi-Baby CPR Manikin with Carry Bag is the perfect training manikin for first aid instructors who want superior performance and reliability. This lightweight and sturdy manikin is engineered to withstand regular use, making it an ideal choice for anyone preparing to be a first responder. The unique valve system has been designed so air can exit through the back of the head, providing additional infection control protection and allowing you to replace the lungs after each course instead of between students. The latex-free skin is also easy to clean after and in between uses. In addition, the Practi-Baby CPR Manikin is backed by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty, making it a great value. The package also contains a carry bag and a padded training mat, two valves, and four lungs. Whether you're an experienced first responder or just starting out, the Practi-Baby CPR Manikin with Carry Bag is the perfect choice for maximum value and ease of use

Contents Include:

  • Baby Manikin
  • Bag that doubles up into a matt
  • 4 Lungs
  • 2 Airway Valves.
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