Simulaids Adolescent Choking Manikin

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Learning how to dislodge an object from someone’s airways can be very difficult without the use of a training manikin. Thankfully, the Simulaids Adolescent Choking Manikin helps students when learning such vital first aid.

With a life size head and torso, this training manikin has functions to teach the principles of how to clear blocked airways by highlighting the correct procedure of abdominal thrusts or back blows. Once an object is lodged in the airway, the student can see anatomical landmarks helping them decide where to place their hands and how much pressure to apply.
When the right amount of force has been applied to the manikin, it shows visual confirmation of an expelled object so that students know when they have completed the entire manoeuvre correctly.

With a carry bag for quick transport, this Simulaids Adolescent Choking Manikin can be easily moved for training in different locations. It also has an oral cavity, ribs and anatomical features for more accurate practice and a choking airway obstruction.

The Simulaids Adolescent Choking Manikin includes:

  • One choking airway obstruction
  • Open oral cavity, ribs and anatomical features
  • Xiphoid process (seen in adults)
  • Shirt
  • Soft carry bag
  • Suprasternal notch to provide an anatomical reference.
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