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Ambu’s Basic reanimation manikin is a newcomer to their range of products. This Ambu Man Basic shares its lifelike features with the best of reanimation manikins.

  • easy and effective system of hygiene using a lung bag
  • mouth-to-mouth or mask respiration
  • Basic feedback, but without concessions to authenticity.

Ambu has introduced a new resuscitation manikin to the market in respond to demand for a lifelike reanimation manikin for an affordable price.

There is in the stomach of this reanimation manikin a feedback mechanism that provides an indication of the depth of the reanimation. This mechanism was previously available only on the Ambu Uniman, but then with a less lifelike sense of the compressions. The Ambu Man Basic represents a clear improvement to quality with the lifelike response pressure of its torso. The movement of the chest during respiration adds to that sense of realism. Training can be mouth-to-mouth, mouth-to nose or with a mask. The resistance to respiration is realistic. The manikin is extremely robust.

Ambu has with this Ambu Man Basic made use of the well-tested hygienic system of lung bags. When changing the lungbag only the face mask has to be removed. The chest cover can remain in place. This will save time and avoid your having to make concessions in the area of hygiene. The rest of the manikin is also easy to clean because of its soft PVC skin.

The Ambu Man Basic is a stand-alone torso. Would you like to add arms and legs or have more extensive feedback? Please then click then here for the Ambu Man I. Like to see the results on your computer? Please then click here for the Ambu Man W.

What you will receive with your order:

  • Ambu Man Basic
  • carrier bag
  • face mask
  • 25 airways.

Composition: Torso
Connectivity: None
Measurements: Compression depth
Procedures: BLS (chin lift, ventilation, compression)
Item number: A268005000
Manikin type: Adult
Transportation: Carrier case / trolley.

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Warranty Information

2 Years
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