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Simulaids Obese Choking Manikin

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The obese choking manikin comes with life size head and torso and functions on the principle of clearing a blocked airway with forced air generated with the proper procedure of abdominal thrusts or back blows. Once the object is lodged in the airway, the student must use the anatomical landmarks to decide where to place their hands and to decide how much pressure is required to accomplish the manoeuver. With the appropriate force applied, the students are rewarded with the visual confirmation of an expelled object.

Obese Choking Manikin include:

  • Obese choking manikin
  • Large body with extra weight
  • one choking airway obstruction
  • Open oral cavity, ribs and anatomical features head tilt and chin lift to open airway.
  • 3 mouth/nose pieces
  • 3 disposable lung and airway systems
  • xiphoid process
  • suprasternal notch to provide anatomical reference
  • shirt soft
  • carry bag.
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