Philips Heartstart AED

Philips Heartstart AED

Philips Heartstart AED

Becoming one of the largest and leading international automatic external defibrillator (AED) brands in the world came to The Phillips Healthcare Division by developing defibrillators that have been tried and tested. With clever science and development backing every one of their impressive products, it is no wonder they are used the world over.

Specialists in creating life-saving AEDs that can be stored anywhere, be used in any environment and by anyone makes them popular by medical professionals and untrained laypeople alike.

With a variety of products available, Phillips deliver medical equipment that is perfect for you whether you are in the market for an AED that is ideal for the workplace, a school, a shopping centre or sports club.

Offering market leading AEDs that are renowned for their user-friendliness and reliability means that regardless of which item you opt for, with Phillips you will always get a product that you can trust. With this, The Phillips collection includes the award-winning Heartstart HS1 design that is regarded highly for being easy to use and the most affordable in their range.

Offering a range of impressive features, the Heartstart HS1 defibrillator has simple vocal and visual instructions to guide people through the emergency care process meaning that even if someone has never used a defibrillator before, then can do so confidently. With advanced features thanks to it’s rigorous testing, the Heartstart design has been developed for use in any environment regardless of how robust and unforgiving.

Facing anything that it is up against, the Heartstart FRx can work in dusty and humid environments and can withstand use against heavy handling meaning not only is it an affective medical tool, but also a long lasting, sturdy one.

Cleverly designed, the model has an infant key so that it can be used on adults and children alike meaning that no matter who falls ill from a sudden cardiac arrest, they can receive life-saving care. Completing a 120-point test before leaving the factory and conducting it’s own self tests, the Heartstart AED is always ready to be used and if there ever are any red flags, it alerts you of them itself. Using intelligent biphasic therapy, the Heartstart AED uses a combination of a high current and low energy dose in order to maximise effectiveness whilst remaining as safe as possible.

With handy accessories also available such as smart electrode pads, carry cases and batteries, you will find everything you could possibly need when looking for a Phillips Heartsave device. Knowing that you have the most reliable product on the market undoubtedly gives you peace of mind so that when you need reassurance and medical assistance the most, you can rely on it.

For environments that are prone to be rather noisy such as factories for example, we also stock the Phillips Heartstart FR3 which has a handy large, bright, high-resolution screen making it great for areas where noise and visibility are not always favourable.

Browse the range to find your perfect Phillips Heartstart medical device or email us at if you have any questions.