Philips Heartstart HS1 Adult electrode pads

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Suitable for use with the Phillips HeartStart HS1 AED, the Phillips adult electrode pads come in a convenient cartridge ready for use whenever needed. Defibrillators save lives when someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), these are caused due to an electrical fault with the heart and if not treated within seconds, most cases unfortunately end in death.
If a defibrillator is nearby, one can be used to determine whether a shock is needed and if so, will deliver the appropriate shock to help the heart return to it’s normal rhythm. This can only be done however, with the use of electrode pads. These come with most defibrillators and have a shelf life of a number of years but, as thankfully defibrillators don’t need to be used frequently, electrode pads are often not used for months at a time.
Checking that your electrode pads are in date frequently is essential to make sure that when an emergency strikes, your defibrillator is ready to use. Always knowing you have a back up pack of electrode pads or that yours have plenty of shelf life left on them gives an unparalleled peace of mind - especially when an emergency strikes.
With an impressive shelf life of two to two and a half years, these Phillips HeartStart HS1 Adult Electrode pads are suitable for use on anyone above the age of eight or who may weigh 25kg or more.
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