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Treatment Couch with Couch Roll Holder in Black

20.50 KGS
60.00 (cm)
78.00 (cm)
193.00 (cm)
  • Treatment Couch with Couch Roll Holder in Black (6030)
  • Treatment Couch with Couch Roll Holder in Black
  • Treatment Couch with Couch Roll Holder in Black
£307.43 Inc. VAT
£256.19 Ex. VAT


Experience premium comfort and support with our Black Treatment Couch, endowed with an inclusive Couch Roll Holder. Crafted to suit the steadfast requirements of First Aid Rooms, as specified by the HSE, this examination staple promises durability, strength, and long-lasting reliability. It's an indispensable addition to any professional setting, including Workplaces, GP Surgeries, and a host of medical environments.


  • Sturdy Construction: With its fixed height and two solid sections, our treatment couch stands as a symbol of stability.
  • Functional Design: Accompanied by an adjustable head/backrest, you can effortlessly transition from a flat laying position up to an 85-degree angle, catering to varied patient needs.
  • Deluxe Upholstery: Draped in exquisite soft faux leather that marries luxury with simplicity, our couch surface is a breeze to sanitize and preserve, ensuring always-pristine patient accommodation.
  • Integrated Convenience: Each couch fosters a smooth couch roll holder — designed to snugly fit standard 20-inch perforated towel rolls —, flawlessly aligning with the couch's silhouette for optimal space efficiency.


  • Weight Accessibility: Boasting the capacity to support up to 150kg, our couch confidently accommodates a diverse clientele.
  • Couch Weight: A manageable 20.5kg for feasible mobility within healthcare settings.
  • Dimensions: The structure commands a presence with measurements of 78cm in height, 60cm in width, and a length of 193cm, providing ample space for patient comfort and practitioner accessibility.

In envisioning a medical practice that reflects professional acumen, choosing our Black Treatment Couch is a step towards exemplifying top-tier patient care and compliance with recognised protocols. Efficiently designed, it's a testament to economical luxury in the realm of healthcare essentials — where ease of maintenance is paramount, and elegance is uncompromised.

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