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Over Bed Table - 4 Castors

5.70 KGS
43.00 (cm)
82.00 (cm)
60.00 (cm)
  • Over Bed Table - 4 Castors (RAP946)
  • Over Bed Table - 4 Castors
  • Over Bed Table - 4 Castors
£68.15 Inc. VAT
£56.79 Ex. VAT


  • Handy and economical unit for versatile use in the bedroom or lounge
  • Enables reading, eating, and more while in bed or sitting in a chair
  • Separate U-shaped legs for fitting under chairs and wheelchairs
  • Four castors for easy manoeuvring and positioning
  • Brakes provide extra stability
  • Height and angle of the table easily adjustable to suit user requirements
  • Tabletop angle adjustable up to 45° for convenient reading and writing
  • Simple assembly with melamine coated top and lipped edging to prevent items from falling off
  • Easy to dismantle for storage and transportation
  • Supports objects up to 15kg (33lb)
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safe working load: 15kg (33lb)
  • Brown color
  • Dimensions: Height: 53-82cm, Width: 43cm, Length: 60cm
  • Table dimensions: Width: 54cm, Depth: 40cm.

Buy now and enjoy the convenience and versatility of this handy table! Perfect for reading, eating, and various activities in bed or while seated. Its separate U-shaped legs allow it to fit under chairs and wheelchairs, while the four castors make it easy to move and position. With adjustable height and angle, you can customize it to your needs. The tabletop angle can be set up to 45° for comfortable reading and writing. The table is simple to assemble and features a melamine coated top with lipped edging to keep your items secure. It's also easy to dismantle for storage and transportation. With a weight capacity of up to 15kg (33lb), it can support your belongings with ease. The table is designed for easy cleaning, and it comes with a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. Get yours now and experience the convenience and functionality of this versatile table!

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