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Casa Elite Care Home Bed Low in Beech without Side Rails

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  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed Low in Beech without Side Rails (CASA/C/LOW/BECH)
  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed Low in Beech without Side Rails
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  • Designed and developed specifically for nursing and residential care environments, the Casa Elite Care Home beds offer a combination of safety features for residents and carers, along with an appealing appearance. This range of four-section electrical profiling beds, with adjustable head, foot, and knee sections, provides effective support for resident care. The Casa Elite provides numerous profiling and positioning benefits, which can help reduce potential complications associated with immobility.
  • Joining our community and care home bed range, the Casa Elite caters to all key needs. It comes in standard or low models, both of which allow the bed to be raised or lowered to a height that promotes a more neutral posture for carers when moving and handling patients. The bed is supplied with finger kits (not pre-assembled), and side rails can be purchased separately.
  • The standard wood finish is Beech, but the Casa Elite is also available in Light Oak and Walnut. For more information, please contact us.
  • Please refer to the Related Products section at the bottom of the page for information on side rails and accessories.


  • Custom configurations with wooden and metal side rail options, featuring an integrated safety mechanism for secure locking.
  • Patented dipped metal side rails designed for easy entry and exit, ensuring convenience and safety.
  • Casa Elite Low with a minimum height of 19.2cm from the floor to the mattress platform, reducing the risk of falls for vulnerable residents.
  • Nursing functions including cardiac chair positioning, auto contour, and foot down tilt (Reverse Trendelenburg).
  • Attractive domestic appearance with a choice of three wood finishes to complement any interior, including the standard Beech wood finish.
  • Range of interchangeable accessories available, such as side rails, grab handles, and padding systems.
  • Optional manual calf lift ratchet for lower leg elevation.
  • Optional bed platform extension for taller individuals, with extended side rails (wooden or metal) for safe and comfortable care.
  • Modular head and footboard design for efficient repair and replacement, minimizing product downtime.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use 9-button handset with lock-out facility for additional patient safety. Optional 10-button handset for head down tilt (Trendelenburg) positioning.
  • Quick and easy single-person installation with supplied Allen key attached to the bed frame.
  • Disassemble the bed when not in use for convenient and compact storage on transport stands.
  • Easy maneuverability with 7.5cm braked castors.
  • Compliant to EN 60601-1-11 (Type B applied parts compliant), EN 60601-1, and EN 60601-2-52 standards.
  • Product Warranty Info: 1 Year full parts and labor + 2 Years parts only.
  • Safe Working Load: 200kg (31.5st).
  • User Weight Capacity: 165kg (26st).

Buy now and experience the ultimate combination of safety, convenience, and comfort with the Casa Elite bed. Enhance the care and well-being of your loved ones with its advanced features and impeccable design.

Dimensions - Basic

  • Width: 102.5cm
  • Length: 214cm

Dimensions - Bed

  • Trendelenburg Angle: 11° +/- 1°
  • Bed Extension: 16cm (Optional)
  • Underbed Clearance: 15cm

Dimensions - Platform

  • Platform Width: 90.7cm
  • Platform Length: 200.2cm
  • Mattress Platform Height (min): 19.2cm
  • Mattress Platform Width (max): 61.2cm

Specification - Weights

  • Product Weight: 66kg (on transport stand)

Specification - Backrest
Backrest Adjustment Electrical

  • Yes
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