Emergency First Response Kit for First Responders

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  • Steroplast Emergency First Response Kit for First Responders
  • Steroplast Emergency First Response Kit for First Responders
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A complete emergency response first aid kit that allows first responders to rush to the aid of an injured individual and provide medical assistance.

Grab-and-go tactical first aid kit supplies for any emergency in a portable, organised bag.
This emergency response bag is the kit professionals need to grab in a crisis. Fully equipt with essential items put together by our specialist team, this first aid kit is everything you need for immediate emergency attention in a range of situations.

We compiled this kit based on the recommendations, feedback, and suggestions of emergency service professionals and first responders. All the items in this kit are made to exacting standards of quality and CE marked. The whole kit is stored in a water-resistant bag complete with a double zip for extra protection and security.

The kit bag opens 180 degrees to lay flat, so you can clearly see all the contents. Immediately visible, the first aid supplies are also organised into sections so you can find and use items fast and administer treatment without delay.

Who is this emergency kit for?
The kit contains a wide range of emergency response equipment and has a lightweight, mobile design, making it the perfect kit for a paramedic, emergency responder, first aider, or other professional.

Find items in this kit needed by trained personnel to deliver critical first response care, such as wipes, eyewash, and gloves, as well as a range of different dressings. This kit also includes a resusciade to perform CPR without the risk of cross-infection.

Advantages, features & benefits

  • Thanks to the fully unzippable design, the entire contents can be laid out at once.
  • Individual compartments secure items in place, keeping them in good condition and helping with easy locating.
  • The bag is water-resistant, and the double zip helps keep water out and protect the contents.
  • The adjustable nylon strap makes it easy to carry the bag and adjust it to your size.
  • This bag has ample room for additional products if you require them.

Contents include:

  • Bag - Clinical waste (1)
  • Eyewash 500ml (1)
  • First aid emergency leaflet (1)
  • Foil blanket (2)
  • Gloves - Nitrile in pairs (2)
  • Plasters - Washproof (20)
  • Resus (1)
  • Safety pins (6)
  • Scissors - Tufkut (1)
  • Triangular bandage (4)
  • Wipes - Alcohol-free (10)
  • Wound dressing - Eyepad (4)
  • Wound dressing - Medium (4)
  • Wound dressing - Large (4).
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