70 Piece First Aid Kit | Home First Aid Medical Kit

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  • Steroplast 70 Piece First Aid Kit | Home First Aid Medical Kit
  • Steroplast 70 Piece First Aid Kit | Home First Aid Medical Kit
  • Steroplast 70 Piece First Aid Kit | Home First Aid Medical Kit
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The best home first aid kit, with 70 items chosen by experts, to help you give first aid in all common accidents and emergencies. Protect yourself and those around you with the right supplies.

The best home first aid kit on the market. Trust a UK leader in first aid.
The home is the number one place where injuries occur in the UK, with an estimated annual number of 2.7 million people requiring professional medical attention after an accident. Keeping a first aid kit at home means treating an injury quickly, reducing the damage caused, accelerating recovery time, and even saving the casualty from a trip to the hospital altogether.

Our first aid kit for home use includes PPE and wound cleaning supplies, high-quality dressings, bandages, plasters, and other essentials like an instant ice pack and a foil blanket. The first aid kit for home is designed for untrained people to use, so no matter how much experience you have with giving first aid, you can still administer effective treatment.

This is the ideal family first aid kit to protect you and the ones you love. Order the best family first aid kit UK consumers can depend on here.

Who needs this 70-Piece first aid kit?
Competitively priced, this medium first aid kit will provide treatment for multiple injuries, making it the ideal first aid kit for a large group or family. Ensure you’ve always got lots of first aid supplies with our 70-piece first aid kit. You can also order individual refills on our website, making this kit highly cost-effective against having to buy a new one.

At just 24 x 15 x 10cm, our medium size first aid kit is easy to store anywhere in the home: on top of a cupboard, under the bed, in the bathroom cabinet, under the stairs, in the bottom of a drawer; there are so many places. Once you’ve stored your basic home first aid kit, you’ll almost forget it’s there until you need it. It’s a small investment with a life-changing payoff.

This is the kit we recommend for families, housemates, couples, individuals living alone, and anyone who needs to ensure they’re prepared at home. If you’re a landlord or Airbnb owner, this is the best home first aid kit to supply in your properties to give your guests or tenants that extra level of protection that shows you’re professional and responsible. It also makes a great home office first aid kit.

The first aid kit home essentials come in a bag with a handy handle. If you’re going on holiday or travelling, pop it in your car to take it to your destination. If you’re trying to save space, we also offer a smaller 40-piece first aid kit that takes up even less space in your luggage.

Why choose a this 70-piece kit?

  • First aid experts selected the items in the first aid home kit to provide a combination of supplies ideal for treating common injuries.
  • Supplies in the kit are high quality and tested to meet safety requirements for UK consumers.
  • The home first aid kit supplies are the same products used in NHS hospitals, GP surgeries, and emergency services in the UK.
  • The first aid kit items for home come in a tough, nylon roll-up bag featuring multiple compartments, each secured with a zipper to keep the contents protected and organised.
  • Each compartment in the bag is see-through to help you access the contents more quickly and easily.
  • The kit is just 24 x 15 x 10cm, making it the ideal home storage size. The bag also comes with a handle for easy carrying.
  • The kit is coloured green for quick and easy identification.
  • What’s in the Steroplast 70-Piece First Aid Kit?

Here’s a breakdown of the 70-piece at-home first aid kit list:

  • Conforming bandage 5cm x 4.5m (2)
  • Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m (2)
  • Steropax eyepad – sterile (2)
  • Instant ice pack (2)
  • Non-woven triangular bandage (2)
  • Sterile saline wipes (8)
  • Washproof sterile plasters - Hypoallergenic adhesive (30)
  • Pairs of medium gloves (2)
  • Safety pins (12)
  • Roll of microporous tape (1)
  • Low adherent dressing – sterile (2)
  • Steropore 7cm x 6cm (2)
  • Pair of scissors (1)
  • Tweezers (1)
  • Foil first aid blanket 140cm x 204cm (1)
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