CU Medical I-Pad SP1 Adult Electrode Pads

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Suitable for use for both adults and children, these defibrillation pads can easily transitioned between old and young thanks to the patient mode in the CU-medical I-PAD that makes changing to a different patient very easy. As the electrodes are already connected, they can be attached to the AED in advance making them extremely time effective, saving precious seconds when they are needed most in the event of an emergency.

Packaged in solid foil in order to keep the pads clean and safely kept, the CU Medical SP1 electrode pads also come with adhesive gel meaning they will not more or fall off after they are attached and have a life span of 3 years making them durable and long lasting.

To assist with therapeutic benefits to children, it is advised to attach one electrode pad to the rear between the shoulder blades and one on the breastbone between the nipples as these electrodes guide the energy level shock downwards which is beneficial on smaller bodies. Pediatric pads are also available which are smaller in size than the adult electrodes.

Suitable for model: CU Medical I-PAD SP1
Type of product: Electrode Pads
Adult or Pediatric: No
Item number: CUA1007S
Manufacturer: CU Medical
Life: 3 years.

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