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Casa Elite Care Home Bed in Beech without Side Rails

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  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed in Beech without Side Rails (CASA/C/STD/BECH)
  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed in Beech without Side Rails
  • Casa Elite Care Home Bed in Beech without Side Rails
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  • Designed and developed specifically for the nursing and residential care environment.
  • Provides safety features for both residents and carers, ensuring peace of mind.
  • Four-section electrical profiling beds with adjustable head, foot, and knee sections for optimal resident care.
  • Offers multiple profiling and positioning benefits to reduce potential complications of immobility.
  • Available in standard or low models, allowing for easy adjustment to accommodate carer's posture.
  • Enhances moving and handling of patients, promoting a more neutral and comfortable position for carers.
  • Comes with finger kits (not pre-assembled) and side rails available for separate purchase.
  • Available in Beech, Light Oak, and Walnut finishes to suit various preferences.
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SKU: CASA/C/STD/BECH - Casa Elite Care Home Bed in Beech without Side Rails


  • Custom configurations with wooden and metal side rail options and integrated safety mechanism
  • Patented dipped metal side rails for easy egress and ingress
  • Range of nursing functions including cardiac chair positioning, auto contour, and foot down tilt
  • Attractive domestic appearance with three wood finishes to complement any interior
  • Interchangeable accessories available, including side rails, grab handles, and padding systems
  • Manual calf lift ratchet option for lower leg elevation
  • Optional bed platform extension for taller individuals, with extended side rails for safe and comfortable care
  • Modular head and footboard design for efficient repair and replacement
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use 9 button handset with lock-out facility for additional patient safety
  • Optional 10 button handset for head down tilt positioning
  • Quick and easy single-person installation with supplied Allen key
  • Disassemblable and compact storage with transport stands
  • Easy maneuverability with 7.5cm braked castors
  • Compliant to EN 60601-1-11, EN 60601-1, and EN 60601-2-52 standards.


  • Product Warranty Info: 1 Year full parts and labour + 2 Years parts only
  • Safe Working Load: 200kg (31.5st)
  • User Weight Capacity: 165kg (26st)

Dimensions - Basic:

  • Width: 102.5cm
  • Length: 214cm

Dimensions - Bed

  • Trendelenburg Angle: 11° +/- 1°
  • Bed Extension: 16cm (Optional)
  • Underbed Clearance: 34.2cm

Dimensions - Overall Platform

  • Platform Width: 90.7cm
  • Platform Length: 200.2cm
  • Mattress Platform Height (min): 38.6cm
  • Mattress Platform Width (max): 80.6cm

Specification - Weights

  • Product Weight: 66kg (on transport stand)

Specification - Backrest
Backrest Adjustment Electrical

  • Yes.
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