CardioCaddy Solar Powered External Defibrillator Cabinet

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  • CardioCaddy Solar Powered AED Cabinet Defibrillator (RAPSPC1)
  • CardioCaddy Solar Powered External Defibrillator Cabinet
  • CardioCaddy Solar Powered External Defibrillator Cabinet
  • CardioCaddy Solar Powered External Defibrillator Cabinet
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  • Brand new AED Protect solar powered outdoor defibrillator cabinet (locked) now available!
  • Designed by leading UK cabinet manufacturer for superior quality and durability
  • Easy installation and built to withstand the UK climate
  • Ideal for areas without access to mains power
  • Perfect for sports clubs, golf courses, remote locations, and public places
  • Freestanding design, must be bolted onto a level concrete base or similar surface
  • Solar panel positioned for optimal sun exposure without any shade

Buy now and ensure the safety of your outdoor spaces with the top-quality AED Protect solar powered outdoor defibrillator cabinet. Don't compromise on quality with this industry-leading product, designed and manufactured in the UK. Enjoy easy installation, durability against the UK climate, and the convenience of no mains power requirement. Suitable for sports clubs, golf courses, remote locations, and public places. Order now for a reliable, freestanding cabinet that guarantees optimal sun exposure for uninterrupted performance.


  • Strong, durable, and built to last!
  • Maximizes battery life with a south-facing solar panel on the back of the cabinet, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Temperature controlled using a 12V heater powered by a sealed AGM battery.
  • Battery is trickle charged via the solar panel, providing sustainable and reliable power.
  • Status lights on the controller display battery charging status and level of charge, easily viewed through the small viewing window in the base of the cabinet.
  • Securely access the cabinet by entering the unlock code and pulling down the handle.
  • Environmentally-friendly design with recyclable materials.
  • Highly dustproof and waterproof (IP66), ensuring protection from the elements.
  • Base made from 3mm thick welded aluminum for exceptional strength and rigidity.
  • Forest green powder-coated base for an attractive appearance.
  • Polyethylene top housing the AED, filled with foam for insulation and strength.
  • Added insulation for extra thermal protection.
  • Designed to maintain your AED at recommended temperatures.
  • Keeps your AED operational even in cold conditions.
  • Dimensions: 51cm W x 148cm H x 33.5cm D.
  • Weight: 61kg (with battery installed).
  • Receive peace of mind with a 10-year structural warranty on the cabinet and base, and a 5-year warranty on the lock, heater, and solar panel (excludes vandalism, accidental damage, or forced entry).
  • Battery designed to perform for 5-10 years, depending on local environment and usage. Simple to replace by unbolting and removing the top cabinet.

Base and mounting requirements:

  • Solid level foundation needed for installation.
  • Recommended concrete base dimensions: 100cm W x 75cm W x 30cm deep.

Transforming your outdoor space with our Solar-Powered Cabinet ensures the utmost protection and care for your AED. With its durable construction, efficient solar charging, and advanced temperature control, you can trust that your AED will always be ready for action. Experience peace of mind with our long-lasting warranty and simple battery replacement process. Upgrade your safety measures today with our top-of-the-line Solar-Powered Cabinet.

Installation instructions: CardioCaddy Solar 3.0 - Manual v1.2


  • Mains powered option available for remote areas
  • Can be personalised with your logo - add £49 ex VAT
  • Interchangeable panel available for advertising and competitions - add £99 ex VAT
  • Marine grade lock - add £155 ex VAT
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