Defibsafe 2 Secure External Defibrillator Cabinet (Unlocked)

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  •  Defibsafe 2 Secure External Defibrillator Cabinet (Unlocked)
  •  Defibsafe 2 Secure External Defibrillator Cabinet (Unlocked)
  •  Defibsafe 2 Secure External Defibrillator Cabinet (Unlocked)
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Following on from the success of the original DefibSafe aluminium outdoor cabinets, DefibSafe 2 has been designed to provide an even higher quality and secure option at a lower price point.

As the only defibrillator safe in the UK that is IP66 rated, the Defibsafe 2 is the safest and most cost efficient way to keep a defibrillator secure in your chosen location.

Key Features:

  • The only defibrillator case in the UK to be IP66 rated
  • Safe stainless steel lock with clutch mechanism
  • Impressive 10 year warranty
  • Extremely durable - polyethylene exterior is both corrosion and impact resistant with a polycarbonate door (polycarbonate is used to make riot shields)
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Easy to identify and use - LED lighting on number pad and lock
  • Pin point location code to help the ambulance service identify your whereabouts
  • Improved efficiency thanks to the Low Energy Transformer
  • Easy to follow instructions which follow the NHS ambulance service step-by-step guide
  • Inbuilt thermostat to maintain defibrillator environment and prevent moisture damage.
  • High visibility cabinet with universal defibrillator graphics.


• Width - 440mm
• Height - 625mm
• Depth - 285mm
• Weight - 10kg

Download the Defibsafe 2 installation instructions here.


Additional information:


Trumping any other defibrillator on the market, this defibrillator case is the only IP66 rated defibrillator safe in the UK. Impressive when it comes to quality and manufacture, the Defibsafe 2 is designed and manufactured in the UK and is backed by a 10 year warranty on the safe with a two year warranty on the locking mechanism, giving you peace of mind that, when you need it most, your defibrillator will be safe and can perform.

Strength and Security:

With a locking system that is made from the highest quality stainless steel and a clutch system to prevent any forced entry or any damage to it’s exterior, the Defibsafe 2 can protect your defibrillator from any vandalism or exterior damage. Featuring an aluminium cabinet, reinforced by a polythene shell and a polycarbonate door (made from the same material as Police riot shields), there isn’t a defibrillator cabinet available that can protect it’s contents like this one. When wanting to protect your essential first aid equipment from vandalism, weathering and wear and tear, this cabinet is what you need.

Highly Visibility and Ease of Use:

Coloured yellow as standard, this Defibsafe 2 can be clearly identified and navigated thanks to it’s step-by-step instructions. Clear instructions on the front of the case follow the NHS ambulance guidance procedure which informs passers by of what to do in an emergency with further defibrillator signs giving even more awareness.

By employing high visibility colours, LEDs and widely recognisable defibrillator graphics, the DefibSafe 2 is easy to find in an emergency. The owner also receives a unique location code, which can be given to emergency services for future reference, should they need it when nearby.

Ideal if your defibrillator will be located in an unlit area such as rural areas, commercial buildings, urban streets or may be needed at night when it is dark, the handy LED lighting ensures the Defibsafe 2 can be easily identified. The lock also features a longer handle for single handed use in emergencies making it very user friendly with full step-by-step instructions also included inside for further ease of use.


To keep the defibrillator in optimum condition and protect it from damaging condensation which could case it to short circuit, the Defibsafe 2 features a clever thermostat. This ensures that the internal temperature inside the cabinet is always kept between 2ºC and 25ºC using a heated plate.

Not only is this defibrillator cabinet efficient when it comes to temperature but, this combined with the LED lighting system means it is low energy and very cost effective. Being extremely cheap, the average DefibSafe 2 system only costs £2-£3 per year to run! This is thanks to a low energy transformer that lowers energy when the safe is idle.

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Warranty Information

10 Year Warranty
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