Outdoor Defibrillator & Bleed Kit Cabinet (Lockable)

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  • Outdoor Defibrillator & Bleed Kit Cabinet (D2BK)
  • Outdoor Defibrillator & Bleed Kit Cabinet (Lockable)
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Introducing the Outdoor Defibrillator & Bleed Kit Cabinet: The Comprehensive Safety Solution for Public Spaces.

This innovative cabinet is designed to store both a defibrillator and a bleed kit, offering exceptional safety and accessibility in emergencies. With its IP66 rating, it ensures top-notch protection from water and dust ingress, making it a reliable choice for outdoor environments.

The cabinet features a sturdy stainless steel lock with a clutch mechanism, providing security against unauthorized access, while also allowing for quick retrieval when needed. It's built with resilient materials that withstand harsh weather, with a polyethylene body and a polycarbonate door, known for their strength against damage and corrosion.

Proudly crafted in the UK, this cabinet is backed by a 10-year warranty, assuring long-term durability and service. The green and red colors are specifically chosen for high visibility and to indicate the dual-function nature of the cabinet, with the red hinting at its bleed kit compartment.

Ease of access is a priority; the LED-lit keypad and lock ensure the cabinet can be operated efficiently, even during low visibility conditions. The included instructions are in line with NHS ambulance service guidelines, making the operation straightforward in urgent situations.

For easy identification and swift emergency response, the cabinet includes a unique location code. Its energy-efficient design incorporates a built-in thermostat to preserve the optimal condition of the contents and a low-energy transformer to conserve power.


  • Width: 440mm
  • Height: 625mm
  • Depth: 285mm
  • Weight: 10kg

This cabinet is not just a storage solution but a commitment to public health and safety, ensuring that lifesaving equipment is available and ready whenever disaster strikes.

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