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Mediana Defibrillators

Mediana Defibrillators

When sudden cardiac arrest strikes, it causes the heart to beat irregularly and immediate attention is required to help save a person’s life. Defibrillators have been designed to quickly, easily and efficiently provide treatment to those in need. Here at Risk Assessment Products, we supply a number of leading defibrillators, including the brand Mediana.

The quicker a sufferer of cardiac arrest is treated, the higher their chance of survival. Which is why it is important that anyone, no matter their medical knowledge can treat a patient. To ensure this can be done, the Mediana range turns on as soon as its cover is lifted and provides clear audible instructions and visual icons for step-by-step guidance.

Our Mediana range of defibrillators includes both the standard HeartOn AED and the HeartOn A15, which can instantly switch between adult and paediatric mode. This feature on the A15 allows anyone, no matter their age, to be treated, whilst the switch and pads ensure that quick treatment can be given.

If you have any questions regarding our Mediana defibrillators, then please send our team an email at