HypaStop Critical Injury Pack, professional 24x30cm

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  • Hypastop HypaStop Critical Injury Pack, professional 24x30cm
  • Hypastop HypaStop Critical Injury Pack, professional 24x30cm
  • Hypastop HypaStop Critical Injury Pack, professional 24x30cm
  • Hypastop HypaStop Critical Injury Pack, professional 24x30cm
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  • Compliant with BS 8599-1:2019
  • Designed to manage severe and life-threatening blood loss
  • Essential for high-risk work with power tools, heavy machinery, etc.
  • Recommended for high-profile venues at risk from violent crime, terrorism or serious accidents
  • Includes haemostatic dressings and SAM XT tourniquets
  • This professional variant includes second SAM XT tourniquet to meet tourniquet best practice and Z-fold haemostatic dressing

Introduced by the updated British Standard for workplace first aid, BS 8599-1:2019, this Critical Injury Pack is designed to complement standard first aid kits in places where there exists a risk of serious traumatic injury: whether due to the nature of the work and activities undertaken at the site, or because there is judged to be a danger to employees or the public from violent crime or terrorism.

The Critical Injury Pack includes a number of items not usually found in first aid kits. HypaCover Trauma Dressings consist of highly absorbent dressings which can soak up more blood than standard wound dressings and include a Velcro-style fastening to allow hands-free maintenance of pressure while the first aider attends to other wounds. Chito-SAM Haemostatic Dressings work independently of the body's natural processes to clot blood fast, and have been proven in warzones to help stop life-threatening bleeding much more effectively than pressure alone. SAM XT Tourniquets can be used to occlude bleeding blood vessels in limbs, preventing fatal blood loss in scenarios where wound dressings are insufficient, such as major limb amputation.

Industries where these packs may be needed include forestry, construction, aviation and motorsport, where accidents may seriously injure individuals or bystanders. A risk assessment may also judge there is a risk to employees or visitors from violent crime or terrorism - examples may include sports stadiums, transport hubs, night clubs and music venues.

It is recommended that staff undergo additional first aid training in the use of these specialist supplies.


  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet X1
  • Nitrile Gloves (Pairs) X2
  • Foil Blanket X1
  • Clothing Cutters x1
  • HypaCover Large Trauma Dressings X2
  • Haemostatic Dressing 10x10cm X1
  • Z-Fold Haemostatic Dressing X1
  • SAM XT Tourniquet X2
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