Top Tips for Buying a Defibrillator

Top Tips for Buying a Defibrillator

An automatic external defibrillator (AED) works by helping to restore the heart back to its natural rhythm once someone has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). They cleverly scan the heart’s rhythm and if needs to, will administer a shock. AED’s are used across the country and are stored in schools, offices, shops, sports facilities and supermarkets to assist when someone suddenly falls ill.

Designed to be user friendly, AED’s can be used by anyone regardless of whether they have any medical knowledge or not. Manufactured so that they can be easily moved, defibrillators are used by absolutely anyone and can make the difference between life and death.

As AED’s can make such a difference, there is no wonder why businesses across the UK are investing in defibrillators for peace of mind knowing that should anyone suffer a cardiac arrest, they will have the best equipment to help. Deciding which AED is best for you however can be quite overwhelming. With so many options on the market, picking the best AED is not an easy decision which is why we have given you some top tips for when looking for a defibrillator.

Easy to use
All AEDs on the market are made for use by anyone meaning that if a passer-by on the street saw someone suffer a SCA, they would be able to help. Emergency situations such as this however can be very stressful and chaotic which is why finding an AED that is clear and provides easy instructions is important. To ensure that anyone can use the machine and provide CPR, even if they have no previous medical training, AEDs that utilise both clear vocal and visual instructions are vital to look for. Particularly great in louder environments such as busy shops or factories, opting for an AED that can adjust to background noise is an added bonus.

When buying an AED, it is important to check that they are provided with all of the appropriate accessories which thankfully most are. An AED should ideally be provided with electrode pads, a battery and carry case so that you are always prepared no matter what emergency situation you encounter. AED’s without these can lead to set backs and really slow down emergency care after all, an AED without electrode pads or a battery is of no use. It is worth noting that accessories are also sold separately so that you can get your own back ups for added peace of mind.
Who will my AED be likely used on?

Most AED’s can be used on anyone however you should also be conscious when your likely victim could be a child. Child friendly AED’s have different electrode pads and a different shock level as to not cause any harm therefore, if you are in a school, your best option would be to go for a child friendly AED. You can find a number of AED’s such as the CU Medical or Primedi were the electro pads can be used on both adults and children and a switch or key is used to swap to paediatric mode.

Automatic or semi-automatic?
All AED’s work in the same way in that they scan the heart’s rhythm to determine whether a shock is needed. The only difference is that an automatic defibrillator will administer a shock by itself whereas a semi-automatic defibrillator will require you to push a button in order to give a shock. It is important however to remember that a defibrillator will never administer a shock if one is not needed. Both are just as effective, the automated is just simpler to use.
Where will my defibrillator be stored?

AED’s need to be kept safe and secure so that when they are needed they are ready to be used as soon as possible. Considering where your defibrillator may be stored such as outside, at work or in a public area can help identify the type of storage you may need. You can purchase specialist carry cases or wall mounts which are designed to be durable, weather resistant and easy to locate, making them the perfect accompaniment to your new defibrillator.

All things considered, opting for a defibrillator is a great step to ensuring the health and safety of your staff. Take a look at the wide ranges that Risk Assessment Products offer, giving you ample choice and information so that you can make an informed decision. Offering market leading durable and easy to use AED’s on our website, as well as discounted prices, you will always find the perfect AED for you.

14th Feb 2020 Christopher Maltby JS

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