Where is my nearest defibrillator?

Where is my nearest defibrillator?

Defibrillators can be found in a number of places but, it all depends on where you are. There is a huge drive to have more defibrillators located across the country so that more people have access to life saving care in an emergency. 

Businesses, offices, shops, local communities and sports centres are the most common places where you will find a defibrillator. Establishments that have a high foot fall with many people passing daily usually have a defibrillator nearby so that if anyone suffers a cardiac arrest, care can be given quickly. 

Public access defibrillators (PADs), also known as community defibrillators can be seen mounted on walls in local towns, villages and cities. You will see them stored in a bright coloured box such as yellow, green or red so that they can be easily identified. These defibrillators can be used by anyone in the public to deliver care to a cardiac arrest sufferer. Often, these defibrillators require a code to unlock them for safety reasons however, this can be retrieved by calling the emergency services and giving them a passcode from the security box. 

It is important when out and about, day to day that you look out for where defibrillators are located as you never know when it could be needed. The British Heart Foundation have a National Defibrillator Network called The Circuit. They have joined with the UK’s top health providers to ensure that thousand’s of unregistered defibrillators are added to the centralised network. You can join the circuit and register your defibrillator if you have one, here

Defibfinder is a website which allows you to enter your postcode or town so that it brings up all defibrillators near you, where they are located and, when they can be accessed. Also managed and funded by the British Heart Foundation, Defib Finder, helps thousands of people locate defibrillators in an emergency. 

If you feel you would benefit for a defibrillator in your local community, you can apply for part funding through the British Heart Foundation. To be eligible for this you must: 

  • Be able to provide electricity supply so the defibrillator is kept at the correct temperature in cold weather.
  • There must be a clear need for the device e.g a rural area or where there is high footfall.
  • The defibrillator must be kept outside in an unlocked cabinet
  • There must be a commitment to train the local community in CPR using the BHF’s free training. 

To apply, you must meet the above criteria, create an account online and submit your form. Once it has been reviewed, you will be updated on whether or not you have been successful. There are other ways to get a defibrillator however such as through local fundraising so your workplace or local community don’t have to find the full amount to cover the cost. 

Remember, defibrillators make the difference between life and death, keep an eye out for your nearest defibrillator for in the event of an emergency.

2nd Oct 2022 Christopher Maltby CW

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