The NEW SP2 iPAD Defibrillator By CU Medical

The NEW SP2 iPAD Defibrillator By CU Medical

We are currently in a world where we are living longer, diseases are being cured and new medical technology is constantly being developed. With this advancement, we are not only seeing equipment being created that is specifically for medical professionals, but also for amateurs.

When it comes to life-saving technology, Automatic External Defibrillators have revolutionised the health and safety industry. Not only are these machines designed to be placed in public areas, they also need no training to be utilised, meaning that anyone can save a life.

Defibrillators should be used when someone is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest and as this can happen anywhere, it is why they are designed to be portable and for public use. The machines work by providing an automated electric shock to a heart that is suffering from defibrillation and restoring its natural rhythm.

Being easy to use, a defibrillator walks the user through the steps that are needed using both vocal and visual instructions, which includes the placement of electrode pads. Once this has been completed, the patient’s heartbeat will then be monitored utilising ECG technology. This way the machine can establish if the patient requires a shock, and will only do so if they are suffering from sudden cardiac arrest, making these devices extremely safe to use.

The iPAD SP2
The iPAD SP2 has been described as a new class of defibrillator. This advanced technology that is packed into this lightweight, durable and portable machine delivers greater functionality when it is needed most. Which included smart pads that can be utilised on an adult or child at a switch of a button. Making these defibrillators a true life-saving machine no matter the patient's age.

As well as being one of the best AED's on the market right now, this machine has also been designed to be future-proof, providing industry standard technologies, such as a Bluetooth, connection for high performance during rescue situations. The ambient noise detector will also automatically read the environment and adjust its volume accordingly to ensure that it can be clearly heard.

To make purchasing your new iPAD SP2 as easily as possible and ensure that you have all of the equipment you need, here at Risk Assessment Products, we have a collection of defibrillator packages.

iPAD SP2 AED Defibrillator - Basic Packages
We have two basic packages to choose from, both of which included a carry case for safe protection, a set of electro pads and a disposable battery pack. The only difference between the two is the option for a iPAD SP2 AED with manual override or an iPAD SP2 AED without manual override.

iPAD SP2 AED Defibrillator - Ultimate Package
Again we have two ultimate packages to choose from, one that contains an iPAD SP2 Defibrillator with Manual Override and one that comes without manual override. The other pieces of equipment included in this kit are; a carry case, a set of electro pads, two Rechargeable battery packs, a recharging dock, a Bluetooth 3 lead ECG module and a Bluetooth printer.

With such great AED package options to choose from, why wait? Purchase yours today and have all the equipment you need to help save lives.

28th May 2018 Christopher Maltby JS

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