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Save lives with help from CPR training manikins

Save lives with help from CPR training manikins

CPR manikins are crucial in giving learners a real-life experience that helps them utilise training in a safe environment.

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is vital in limiting any long-term damage to the brain the moments up to medical attention is available. With the use of lifelike manikins you can gain the confidence and the experience to help save lives.

When used correctly CPR increases survival rates of victims by 40%. In fact, each minute that treatment is delayed decreases chances of survival by 10%. It is amazing how by being able to administer CPR it enables you to prolong the life of another human being.

Along with being able to save a life CPR has a range of benefits for the learned individual. With this knowledge a sense of confidence and authority can be felt as you have a skill that many do not possess. Also this kind of specialist training can look great to employers as it gives a can-do attitude and shows you as someone who has self-assurance in your abilities.

Three top of the range manikins we have on offer:

Brayden CPR Manikin Advanced With Red Illumination LED Lights
This model of is great for visual and kinesthetic learners alike, the Brayden manikin displays red lights when the learner administers the correct technique. The use of LEDs helps the learner build confidence and teach themselves the correct way to administer CPR with live feedback from the manikin through the lights.

There are three sets of indicator lights on the Brayden model. The first is the chest compression indicating lights which highlights the volume of blood being circulated around the body. The second set of indicating lights allows you to analyse the blood flow to the brain from the heart which can vary according to the depth and speed of the compressions. Lastly, the CPR quality indicator allows lights up to represent the blood reaching the brain. It only lights up when the speed and depth of the compressions are correct. These three lights together help you understand the fundamental parts of CPR and give you the skill and the knowledge to become self-confident.

This Brayden model has many features that give you a lifelike situation in which to practice. The oral and nasal passages enable you to practice realistic nose pinches. Chest movements that have correct ventilation give you a visual example of what to look for when performing CPR correctly. You will become proficient at opening the airways thank to the head and chins movements. As well as being anatomically correct this model has audio feedback the help you with the depth of compressions.

Prestan Ultralite Manikin
One of the issues with life like manikins is portability; this is no longer an issue with Prestan Ultralite Manikin. Prestan has created a manikin that is quick and efficient to use allowing easy packing and unpacking without skimping on quality.

This light weight model is completely anatomically correct to ensure you have received a real as possible practice. Much like the Brayden model this manikin has head tilt so you can practice clearing the airways. It also has a unique torso web design for that realistic feel and realistic chest compressions to a two-inch depth.

Prestan Professional Training Manikin Adult with CPR Monitor
One of the unique and innovative installations of the Prestan Manikin is its CPR monitor that allows you to have instant feedback on your rate of chest compressions. This gives you the independence to gauge the rate of compression on your manikin as well being realistic to the eye and to touch.

This particular model is available in packs of four which is perfect for teaching. Like the other two CPR manikins, it has the head movement needed to give you the feel of how a victim’s head would feel as well as being simple to insert face shield and lung bag. This is a very great way to help you to build CPR confidence by giving you a very realistic model to work on.

What are you waiting for?
With the help of these manikins and the many more manikins we have on offer, you can learn to be proficient at CPR. Not only will it help build your confidence but also help you to become a real-life hero for more information on what products we have check out products mentioned in this blog as well as our other CPR products we have on offer.

5th Oct 2017 Nathan Ellis

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