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Schiller Defibrillator

Schiller Defibrillator

When cardiac arrest strikes, immediate treatment can be the difference between life and death. Which is why it’s highly important that defibrillators are quick and easy to use, whilst being a way of treating a patient before the paramedics arrive. A defibrillator range that is able to do this is manufactured by the leading AED brand Schiller.

The Schiller range of defibrillators makes treating someone who is suffering from sudden cardiac arrest extremely easy. With clear spoken instructions and audio prompts to guide the user through both the defibrillation and resuscitation process, even those with limited or no medical knowledge can help save a life.

The FRED Easy collection has been fitted with a myocardium-saving defibrillation impulse called Multipulse Biowave®. This addition allows for simpler and more efficient treatment by automatically adjusting its treatment to the suitability of the patient gives a greater chance of survival.

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