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Sanitary Bin 42 Litre Capacity Foot Pedal Operated

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  • Risk Assessment Products Sanitary Bin – 42 Litre Capacity – Foot Pedal Operated
  • Risk Assessment Products Sanitary Bin – 42 Litre Capacity – Foot Pedal Operated
  • Risk Assessment Products Sanitary Bin – 42 Litre Capacity – Foot Pedal Operated
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This Foot Pedal Operated Sanitary Bin with 42 litre capacity has been designed specifically for the collection of feminine waste and sanitary products. Manufactured from robust galvanised steel to ensure durability and strength over time. The unit is powder coated using silver ion technology and anti-microbial coating to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. This special paint reduces the chances of bacteria being spread on the surface of the bin and gives the user peace of mind when depositing sanitary products in the bin.

The Sanitary Bin can be operated in two ways; a smooth, seamless ‘lip’ forms the lid of the bin so that the user can deposit items in the modesty chute by lifting the lid by hand. Sanitary waste can also be placed in the unit using the foot pedal to lift the chute, meaning the user does not have to have any hand contact with the bin. The unit is also available in a smaller 28 litre capacity unit.

The modesty chute allows the user to dispose of their feminine waste into the lid of the bin whilst keeping the contents out of view and inaccessible. To empty the sanitary bin, the chute-lid can be completely reclined, giving access to the bag for the operative to remove the waste.

What should be put in the Sanitary Bin?
This 42 Litre Sanitary Bin is a medium size, to be used for the hygienic disposal of sanitary towels, tampons, feminine wipes, incontinence products and nappies.

Where should the Sanitary Bin be placed?
The Wybone Sanitary Bin range is ideal for use in hospitals, GP practices, dental surgeries, businesses, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, public toilets and in the workplace.

The 42 Litre Foot Pedal Operated Sanitary Bin has been specifically designed for use in public toilets and changing areas. The hand operation allows the unit to be conveniently accessed using the modesty chute which ensures no visibility of previous sanitary items that have been deposited. The foot pedal operation allows the user to deposit items without the need to touch the bin.

What are the legal requirements around Sanitary Bins?
The Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Section 34) states that every waste producer has a responsibility to ensure that all sanitary waste is handled in a proper manner from storage on site to collection and disposal. In addition, the Water Industries Act 1991 stipulates that no sanitary waste shall be flushed down a toilet, in order to reduce the risk of preventable blockages. Businesses, shopping centres, public areas and workplaces or any place with females present (or female visitors) must all be guided by the Duty of Care Regulations 1991. This stipulates that suitable means of disposing sanitary waste must be provided.

The full range of sanitary bins come complete with a yellow lid to signify clinical waste which is to be heat treated. Alternatively, for offices and shopping centres looking to incorporate a more stylish bin into their washroom environments, these bins can be powder coated in our full range of colours including silver, black, white and grey. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements if you would like an alternative colour.

This range of Sanitary Bins has been designed to accept standard sacks and is fire resistant to HTM05-03 regulations.

How should you clean your 42 Litre Foot Pedal Operated Sanitary Bin?
You can clean your Sanitary Bin using any standard anti-bacterial cleaning product. The smooth, wipe-clean surfaces and simple design of the bin reduce the risk of any harmful bacteria building up.

Capacity     Height     Width     Depth
42 litres     543mm     422mm     393mm

Delivery Time:
2-3 weeks from payment received.

Lid Options:
If required a soft closing li can be purchased. A gas strut can be added to our pedal recycling units which lets the lid close slowly and quietly to minimise noise. We recommend adding gas struts to our pedal bins.

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