Primedic HeartSave Y & YA Adult and Paediatric Electrode Pads (1 set)

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  • Designed specifically for use with the Primedic HeartSave Y (Semi-Automatic) & YA (Fully Automatic) devices, these electrode pads offer a range of remarkable benefits that will enhance any emergency response. Take a look at what makes them an indispensable addition to your medical toolkit:
  • Versatile Application: The electrode pads are uniquely designed to be used on both adult and pediatric patients, catering to a wide range of emergency scenarios with utmost efficiency.
  • Time-Saving Advantage: With no requirement to switch pads for different Joule outputs during pediatric treatment, vital seconds are saved, potentially making all the difference in critical situations.
  • Clean and Secure: Each pad is carefully sealed in protective foil packaging, ensuring cleanliness and reliability until the time of use.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Pre-connected by design, these electrode pads eliminate the need for time-consuming setup steps, allowing you to swiftly respond to emergencies without delay.
  • Exceptional Compatibility: Specifically engineered for use with the HeartSave Y & YA units, these electrode pads seamlessly integrate with your existing equipment for maximum effectiveness.
  • Extended Shelf Life: With a generous shelf life of 30 months, these electrode pads guarantee long-lasting reliability, ready to assist in emergencies whenever the need arises.

Included in this package:
1 set of Primedic HeartSave Y & YA Adult/Pediatric Electrode Pads

For your peace of mind, please note the following additional information:
Defib Brand: Primedic
FDA Approved: No
Dangerous Goods: No

Discover the unparalleled quality and efficiency of Primedic electrode pads, ensuring optimal performance in critical moments. Invest in the right tools for the job and enhance your emergency response capabilities today.

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