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Emergency Trauma Kit in Red Emergency Bag

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  • Emergency Trauma Kit in Red Emergency Bag (K169)
  • Emergency Trauma Kit in Red Emergency Bag
  • Emergency Trauma Kit in Red Emergency Bag
  • Emergency Trauma Kit in Red Emergency Bag
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  • Essential supplies for treating multiple casualties with traumatic injuries
  • Includes SAM XT emergency tourniquets to save lives by restricting blood flow
  • Haemostatic dressings designed to quickly stop lethal bleeding
  • Trauma dressings with high absorbency for effective wound care
  • Easy and quick application of pressure with Velcro style fastening on trauma dressings
  • Range of supplies to treat standard injuries including foil blankets, instant cold packs, and more
  • British Standard Compliant First Aid Kit, Burn Stop Kit, and Body Fluid Disposal kit included
  • Red emergency bag for easy portability

Buy the Emergency Trauma Kit for comprehensive emergency preparedness and rapid response to major incidents. With life-saving features like SAM XT tourniquets and haemostatic dressings, it provides the essential supplies needed to stop lethal bleeding and bring immediate relief to those in critical condition. The trauma kit is designed for quick and efficient use, allowing you to apply pressure and provide effective care in emergency situations. Whether you're a professional in the medical field or a concerned individual, this kit ensures you have the necessary tools to handle traumatic injuries. Plus, it comes in a red emergency bag for easy portability, making it a convenient choice for any situation.

Don't compromise on emergency readiness. Get the Emergency Trauma Kit now and be prepared to save lives.

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