What defibrillators are ideal for the office workplace?

What defibrillators are ideal for the office workplace?

Having an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in an office environment is essential for both employers and employees. One person every five minutes is taken to hospital from suffering a cardiac arrest and with 30,000 of these occurring as out of hospital emergencies, having a defibrillator in the workplace can save lives.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the well being of your staff and having a defibrillator in the office can save the lives of your employees. Although it is not yet the law to have an AED in the work place, it is becoming much more common in order to deliver emergency care when needed.

As defibrillators work by administering an electric shock to correct the irregular heartbeat back to it’s normal rhythm, they save precious seconds and minutes in an office environment whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

AEDs can save lives particularly when those working in high stress and busy environments are more prone to suffering a cardiac arrest. With a range of defibrillators available for you to pick the ideal safety measure for your office, when combined with effective CPR, lives can be saved at work.

With trusted technology and convenient functions such as an ambient noise detector, child mode and visual indicator whilst also delivering a shock in less than six seconds, the iPAD SP1 semi-automatic AED gives you everything you need to save a life in the workplace whilst also giving you peace of mind that should you ever need to use one, your AED is there.

Guiding you step by step through each process and with a strong and sturdy outer casing, the Zoll AED Plus is easy to use by anyone whether they are trained or not. If a cardiac arrest occurs in an office environment, fellow employees need to work quickly and efficiently which is why this AED is a great option as it can be used by anyone at anytime - not just first aiders and paramedics.

With sudden cardiac arrests stopping the blood flowing to the brain, if care is not administered straight away, death can occur within minutes. Knowing you have a defibrillator at your workplace really does make the difference, helping you save an employees life.

8th Jun 2019 Christopher Maltby CW

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