Powerheart AED’s in Fire and Emergency Services

Powerheart AED’s in Fire and Emergency Services

As a Fireman or Firewoman, when called to an emergency you know that you must always be prepared. As sudden cardiac arrests (SCA) strike at anytime and can occur to anyone regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, it could just as easily be your colleague that falls ill just as much as it could be a victim that you assist in a fire emergency.

Having an automatic external defibrillator (AED) nearby for if such an event should occur can make the difference between life and death. As SCA’s are caused due to an electrical fault in the heart, AED’s cleverly monitor it’s rhythm to determine whether a shock is needed. Shocking a heart, the aim is to restore the heart’s pace back to normal, in turn in many cases making a full recovery.

Over 30,000 SCA’s happen out of hospital. This can mean that someone could fall ill at home, at work or at the shops - quite literally anywhere. As a member of the fire service, having an AED for if an emergency strikes means that you are always prepared for the worst. With a dismal survival rate of less than one in ten people surviving a SCA if a defibrillator is not used, it is really put into perspective how important they are.

Working with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), local governments have pledged to increase the public’s awareness of SCA’s and defibrillators by aiming to teach more children in schools and make more AED’s publicly accessible. Although there has been an increased knowledge throughout the UK regarding AED’s, there is still a long way to go. Ensuring all fire service men and women are equipped with the right knowledge and equipment can greatly help to improve this.

As a member of the fire service you are undoubtedly busy. Having an AED that is easy to grab and go is critical in your line of work which is where the Powerheart G5 defibrillator comes in. Always ready for quick and easy defibrillation, it helpfully guides all users through the process in order to help save a victims life.

Combining the RescueCoach technology with fast shock times and varying energy, this AED by Powerheart is way ahead of the game. Ideal for public places and easy to manoeuvre, the G5 AED is the first available to offer real-time CPR feedback meaning it can deliver unprecedented patient care. As well as being tested to military standards, this Powerheart AED instantly provides user confidence. With clear and easy to understand verbal instructions, this defibrillator guides the user through each stage of the process with all this being backed up by text prompts should you be in a noisy, crowded environment.

Working in the fire service, you of course can be working outside at any given moment where the weather is often unpredictable. Designed for all terrains in mind, the Powerheart G5 AED is tested to an IP55 rating making it resilient against dust and water.

What makes the G5 AED all the more impressive is that it is customisable to every patient. Of course, not all SCA victims are the same and what is great about is AED is that it monitors the energy levels of every patient to change the level of shock needed accordingly.

An AED is an impressive piece of medical equipment that can save lives - it is of course useless if there are any problems with it that go unnoticed or rectified. There is no need to worry about such problems however with this defibrillator, with clever self testing Rescue Ready technology runs daily, weekly and monthly self tests to ensure it is always ready to go. Indicating if anything needs addressing such as replacing the defibrillator pads or the battery, such technology allows your AED to always be in perfect working condition - something which is of the utmost importance when working the fire service.

Powerheart AED’s are market leaders in all aspects when compared to other defibrillators available. Always ready to use, easy to carry around and be navigated, can work in difficult weathers and has clever customisable energy levels, the Powerheart G5 AED is an AED to rely on in an emergency.
29th Nov 2019 Christopher Maltby CW

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