New Medichief Cleaning and Hygiene Products

New Medichief Cleaning and Hygiene Products

Cleaning and hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping homes, offices, sports facilities, supermarkets and any other public environment clean and free from germs and bacteria. It is important now more than every however, to place emphasis on keeping ourselves safe and the easiest way to do this is by keeping surfaces clean and protecting ourselves.

Washing your hands is of course the most effective way of getting rid of germs and keeping clean but, leading busy lives means that it is not always quick or easy to get to a sink with warm water and soap and this is where hand sanitiser comes in. Perfect for keeping your hands as clean and bacteria free between normal hand washing, hand sanitiser is man’s new best friend.

Hand gel however, is only recommended when the alcohol content is above 60%, this is because it is only above this level of alcohol that virus’ can be inactivated by a sanitiser and it can begin to break down the lipid layer of a virus or bacteria.

Keeping your hands clean and ultimately keeping you and others safe, there are a range of hand sanitisers on the market that all offer improved hygiene. Medichief hand sanitiser has an impressive 70% ethanol formulation, is fast drying, produced in the UK and requires no water. Ideal for when out and about or perfect for being located where lots of people frequent such as supermarkets or office entrances, the Medichief hand sanitiser will help to keep you and everyone around you as safe as possible.

Available in a range of sizes from 250ml up to 5 litres, you can also opt for a hand sanitiser floor station to draw attention to your sanitising point in order for people to clearly see where they need to go in order to clean their hands.

A hand sanitiser station such as the Medichief example has an eye-catching design and is perfect for high footfall areas meaning it can service over a 5,000 capacity in a single unit. Wipeable and easy to clean, the Medichief floor standing hand sanitising station also has a height dispenser so is great for both adults and children alike and also has custom branded graphics available in order to fit the aesthetics of your environment.

Helping to keep everyone safe by providing an easy way to sanitise their hands means that the spread of any germs or virus is greatly reduced, allowing everyone to stay healthy and prevent the spread of anything that can make us ill.

Hand sanitising is of course a great way to remain hygienic particularly in the current climate however, it is not the only thing that needs to be done in order to keep as many people as possible safe. Wearing face masks is now the new normal in many aspects of our everyday lives such as going shopping, to the hairdressers, on public transport or even out to restaurants and this is because face masks prevent droplets from your mouth and nose landing on surfaces which can then be picked up by other people.

Disposable face masks are a great way of keeping safe and preventing the spread of germs as they can be worn once then thrown away meaning every time you put a new mask on it is completely clean. The IIR disposable medical mask is specifically designed to be worn by healthcare workers according to the UK government and Public Health England and is CE approved making it extremely safe. You can opt for multi packs of 50 of these so that you have plenty to use on a daily basis to rely on so that you are preventing the spread of any droplets that may carry a virus.

For people where wearing a face mask where it isn’t a necessity, face shields are another option and are designed for much longer use as it provides protection at the top, side and front of your face for professionals and has an optically clear visor for maximum visibility. Medichief’s lightweight face shield has a convenient anti fog coating to ensure you can see out of it all day long without any set backs.

Worn with or without eyewear protection and face masks, it also has a soft elasticated and high-density foam headband for long-term comfort. Preventing the eyes and face from any splash backs, these face shields are a great way to offer additional protection and are all individually wrapped so that they can be easily disposed of at the end of the day.

Taking small but effective measures when it comes to cleaning and hygiene can make all the difference between viruses spreading and not. If we all do our bit to stay as hygienic as possible such as wearing a face mask when shopping and washing our hands regularly, things will improve for everyone.

26th Aug 2020 Christopher Maltby CW

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