Are You Taking Fire Safety Seriously?

Are You Taking Fire Safety Seriously?

Fire risks and the workplace

Fire can have a huge impact on a business economically and morally. As a business you have a moral obligation to protect your employees as well as your stock, buildings and equipment.

Protecting your premises of work is vital, especially for businesses that operate from a single location. Trading following a serious fire is sometimes too expensive for a business of this sort. That is why prevention and preparation are key. Any organisation can be affected at any time; this is why it is vital that you take steps to ensure your workspace is safe.

3 key steps to ensure you workplace is safe

1. Identify hazardous and flammable materials that could start a fire. For example anything that can burn in a fire and sources of oxygen which could feed the fire.

2. Identify employees most at risk; mobility wise but also employees who work alone or in isolated areas. Elderly, disabled, children or parents with babies are also considered high risk.

3. Evaluate and remove or reduce anything considered a risk or a hazard. Replace flammable materials for less flammable, consider items that can start fires and ensure they are kept away from flammable materials and remove clutter and mess that may impact escape or fire exits.

Safety equipment to combat fires:

Fire Alarms

We have a range of fire alarms in stock for you to view, optical smoke alarms to the howler site alert alarm for larger sites. Fire alarms when used properly give you the early warning to a fire that has broken out and gives you the opportunity to react whether to fight a small fire or getting yourself and others to safety.

Fire Ladders

A fire escape plan is something every workplace should have in place, being prepared is essential for when the unimaginable happens. A fire ladder gives you an alternative and simple escape should your regular planned route be blocked. Simple and easy to use, it is a safety precaution we believe can save lives.

Fire Marshall Kits

Every workplace has a designated Fire Marshall and ensuring they have to right tools to take charge of a situation is vital. With our Fire Marshall kits your staff will be able to spot the specially trained personnel for advice and if the room is too thick with smoke to see they should be able to locate them with the use of their flashlight, gas horn or high-visibility jacket. Giving your staff the correct equipment gives the rest of your faculty the confidence they need in those nerve shattering moments.

Fire Hoses

For small manageable fires in the workplace, we also have a range of fire hoses with automatic spray which means all you need to do is pull back the handle and the water will come shooting out. We have a range of replacement hoses and other assortments of accessories for you to protect your workforce against fires in the workplace.

As well as these mentioned, we have a range of products to protect your workplace against unwelcome fires. Take a look at our eclectic range and help save lives today.

14th Oct 2017 Nathan Ellis

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