How much does a ZOLL defibrillator weigh? AED Plus, AED 3, AED Pro

How much does a ZOLL defibrillator weigh? AED Plus, AED 3, AED Pro

ZOLL defibrillators have market-leading technology called Rectilinear Biphasic waveform which has been proven to effectively defibrillate at significantly lower energies than other monophasic waveforms. It means that these defibrillators can provide accurate and effective life-saving care all whilst minimising damage to the heart.

There are a range of ZOLL defibrillators available to buy, all of which make the difference between life and death when a patient is suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. These can occur to anyone at anytime regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sex so, it is really important to take note of where the nearest defibrillator to your home, work or school is located in case of an emergency.

The three ZOLL defibrillators that we are looking at are AED Plus, AED 3 and AED Pro.

AED Plus

The AED Plus is a simple to use automated defibrillator. It has audio and visual prompts to help all users respond in an emergency. With advanced technology, the AED Plus also has a five-year battery and electrodes meaning fewer replacements and well as improved readiness. AED Plus has Real CPR Help technology which delivers reak-time feedback on the rate and chest compressions when the rescuer is delivering CPR.

CPR-D-padz or CPR Stat-padz are available for adult patients where as Pedi-padz are for paediatric patients. The AED Plus weighs 3.1kg.


The AED 3 is designed for professional rescuers as it provides in-depth rescue support for both adult and children patients who are suffering a sudden cardiac arrest. It is both reliable and dependable, giving confidence to medical professionals worldwide when it comes to delivering life-saving care.

Real CPR Help provides audio feedback and displays an accurate depth and rate of each compression when the rescuer is delivering CPR. This enables them to change how they are giving CPR in case they are not pumping frequently or hard enough. The CPR dashboard also shows an elapsed time, CPR cycle countdown and the shocks delivered.

There is also integrated paediatric rescue with ZOLL’s Pedi-Padz and electrodes. The defibrillator also comes with a Child Mode setting which displays when the machine is set for paediatric rescue. This algorithm analyses and delivers child-appropriate therapy without the use of an attenuator. The AED 3 weighs 2.5kg.


The AED Pro is specifically designed to provide support for all users. It delivers advanced CPR feedback and offers flexibility to meet your needs. It is regarded as the most durable, tough, hard-wearing and dependable AED available, designed to withstand any environment.

Differing from other AEDs, the super-construction of the AED Pro sets it apart from others. It can be used in adhere weather conditions such as pouring rain, extreme temperatures and can withstand drops and tumbles. With an IP rating of 55, it is very portant and designed for the professional rescuer.

A clear LCD screen means all critical information such as ECG waveforms, heart rate, number of shocks and CPR compression depth can be easily viewed. A battery and electrode life of five years also reduces the need for replacement and has a five year warranty as standard. The AED Pro weighs 2.9kg.

It is important to think about the weight of your defibrillator when making a purchase. If it will be located in your home or workplace, chances are it won’t need to be carried far so, weight may be less of a problem. If however, your defibrillator will be located outside or, somewhere where lots of people frequent such as a sports facility or supermarket, the need for a more lightweight defibrillator could be more significant.

All ZOLL defibrillators are designed with easy use in mind and being portable comes with that. You can browse the range of ZOLL defibrillator products here, to determine which would be most suitable for you.

13th Nov 2021 Christopher Maltby CW

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