Why choose a Heartsine Defibrillator (PAD?)

Why choose a Heartsine Defibrillator (PAD?)

Choosing a defibrillator can make the difference between life and death so why go for anything but the best? With a solid reputation, the Heartsine defibrillators are renowned for use in public areas. Public access defibrillators (PADs) can be used on anyone who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

As cardiac arrests can occur to anyone at any time, they are extremely difficult to predict. Unfortunately, if someone suffers a cardiac arrest you must act as quickly as possible as fatality rates are very high. Reacting as soon as someone falls ill means you are increasing their chances of survival drastically. This is where a Heartsine defibrillator comes in.

Developed using innovative life-saving technology, Heartsine are pioneers in developing AEDS for many environments with a team of dedicated technologists always reviewing Heartsine defibrillators in order to always deliver only the best PADs.

Taking great pride in supplying defibrillators to over seventy countries, Heartsine know what they are doing when it comes to manufacturing life-saving defibrillators. But, why choose a Heartsine public access defibrillator?
Easy to use, portable and light weight Heartsine PADs are ideal for external use where anyone needs to quickly access one. Developed to have an impressive resistance to water and dirt, you can rely on these defibrillators to stand the test of time and be ready when needed the most.

With clever adaptabilities, Heartsine PADs can be used on both adults and children with a simple change of electrode pads with separate paediatric PADs available for environments where there may be lots of children such as in schools and sports facilities.

As anyone can suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and as they often occur out of the blue, a lot of the time the person who is delivering care is a passer-by or lay person who has no experience using a defibrillator. Luckily, Heartsine PADs are developed with user friendliness in mind. Offering assistance throughout the care giving process, a Heartsine defibrillator has audio and visual prompts meaning anyone can deliver lifesaving care.

With LED lighting, Heartsine PADs show you where to place the electrodes and when to stand clear of the patient. After placing the electrode pads on the person’s chest, the defibrillator cleverly scans the hearts rhythm to determine whether an electric shock is needed. If a shock is required, it works to stop the heart in order for it to restart itself and begin beating at its natural rhythm.

It’s always important to remember that if someone falls ill due to suffering a sudden cardiac arrest that as well as using your nearest PAD, you should also perform CPR and contact the emergency services as soon as possible in order to have the best chance of saving a life.

15th Oct 2020 Christopher Maltby CW

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