Safes - what you should know

Safes - what you should know

Having the right safe for you is important when it comes to storing your important and valuable items. Ensuring goods are stored safely gives peace of mind but, knowing which the right safe to opt for can be quite confusing. With lots of different options available on the market, going about finding the right safe should start with you considering what you need one for.

Do you need a safe to store keys, documents, data, money, tools or anything else of high value monetary wise or other? Once you have determined this, you can narrow down your search in order to find the ideal solution for you. Safes are of course important when it comes to keeping items stored in one place, they keep them protected from burglary and are protected from any damages that may occur such as a fire if one occurs in a building.

Regardless of whether you have a business, are a trade’s person or need a safe for your home, each type of safe has different elements that you should consider. For example, do you need a safe that is fire and water resistant, do you need a safe with an electronic key locking system or do you need a safe that can be easily manoeuvred if you have tools? We can help answer the questions that you may be thinking of when deciding which safe is your best solution.

For example, when considering a fire safe, the difference between one of these and a data safe is that fire safes are not suitable for protecting data as there are different temperatures at which both items are destroyed. Data safes are designed to keep the inside of the safe below 85% humidity to prevent damage by moisture. With this, fire ratings on safes are measured due to the material inside. This is because paper records combust at 175 degrees, digital media at 120 degrees and computer data at 52 degrees.

If you are wanting a cash safe, it is important to look for the appropriate cash rating for the amount of money that you would like to store. The cash rating of a safe is measured by factors such as the wall and door thickness, the quality of lock and standard of how it is constructed. There are also security ratings that safes apply to which comply with different regulations such as Grade 1 and 2 test standards against burglary.

Another important reason to consider getting a safe for your belongings is that the Association of Insurance Surveryors (AiS) approved safes have gained approval by UK insurance companies. This means that they will pay out as long as a safe has been installed correctly.

Assurances like this mean that safes are definitely worth investing in when it comes to protecting your costly goods. You can browse our range of secure safes on our website to decide the best solution for you. We offer everything from deposit safes, fire files, fire safes, gun safes, key and cash boxes, letterboxes and security safes.

6th Oct 2020 Christopher Maltby CW

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